lacey levy
I'm Lacey
Head Honcho - Co Founder

I’m an Interior Designer from Huntington Beach, California. I have worked for electrical engineers, skin care clinics, and interior design firms.

dave levy
I'm Dave
Happy Helper - Co Founder

I’m an engineer from Palo Alto, California. I have worked for action sports companies, wholesalers, and creative agencies.

Est. 2018
We Want People To Enjoy Their Workspace.

We started Warwick & Willow in 2018 for a few reasons. First of all, people like candles. A lot. Secondly, we each came from desk job backgrounds and we like being comfortable at work. Let’s face it, we spend over one third of our weekly waking hours at work. Since we spend a good deal of time at work, we like to be comfortable there. And many of us do things like bring our favorite coffee mug to work, hang sports swag, customize our mouse pads, set up pictures of our family & friends, put flowers on our desk, etc. One thing we observed rarely is that some co workers brought candles to work and put them around their desks.

Neither of us had brought a candle to work before but we definitely had them in our home. Actually, we had candles all over our home because they smell great and make it more inviting. So we brought candles to work and we both genuinely felt that it added something positive to our environment. From then on we always had a candle at our desks. Not long after getting into the habit we found that some people were “candle people” and some weren’t. At one of the companies Lacey worked for she had a neighbor ask her why it smelled so good. And alternatively at another company she had a neighbor ask her to please refrain from lighting her Candle because it smelled too strong. So based on the real-world feedback we found that some people like having candles at the office and some didn't. Those who were opposed seemed to all dislike the scent crosssing over their invisible workspace boundaries.

We made candles at home where we added our own scents and experimented with soy wax mixtures. That way we could control how strong the candle emulsifiers were. Which is our solution to accomodating sensitive work neighbors. As this became something we did regularly we naturally gave candles away to our friends and family. The response was always really positive. So we started Warwick & Willow to provide the candle loving workforce with a candle specifically crafted with workspaces in mind. We currently offer 2 types of candles with varying throws so people can choose the option that fits their workspace best.

In order to create a candle that we were both proud of and happy to sell we had a laundry list of criteria.

It has to improve the workspace.
We had a laundry list of criteria
Non Breakable | Eco Friendly | Paraffin Free | Clean Burning | Politely Scented | Convenient
Non breakable Eco Friendly and Paraffin Free Clean Burning & politely scented Convenient

First, the candle needed to not be breakable if they were somehow knocked off a desk, bench, cubicle, or whatever. So we sourced some rigid aluminum candle tins. The tins are also recyclable.

Second, we are both extremely health conscientious and didn’t want to use wax that contained paraffins so we opted for a paraffin free natural soy wax.

Third, we wanted a clean burning wick that doesn’t gas people out if you work in a shared workspace and doesn’t contain strange ingredients like zinc and other metals. (which we found that some wicks contained)

Fourth, we wanted to give people the option to have a candle that fit their workspace. So we came up with 2 types of candles. We created the Inspire Candle, for workspaces such as a cubicle where your neighbor may be very close by in proximity. And we created the Amaze Candle that has a stronger emulsifier for larger workspaces where you might have an office that is meant for a single person. Candles like these might work well in closed door offices, reception areas, office kitchens, or treatment rooms at a clinic, or practitioner’s office.

Fifth, We came up with the idea to implement a Monthly Candle Box for people that enjoy surprises, align with our brand, like receiving packages, and that might not want to continually logon to our website and order candles.

people are happier and more productive when they are comfortable

During this whole process of starting Warwick & Willow we have become intrigued by workspace design. We think that people are happier and more productive when they feel comfortable in their workspace. We hope that we are able to play a really small role by adding a small, often overlooked, element to the workspace. We truly believe that lighting a candle at work can makes a difference in people's lives and their productivity.

We hope to resonate and connect with people who enjoy candles but have never tried putting one in their workspace. We think that people who may enjoy a workspace candle are people that listen to music at work or wear headphones in the office, or people that enjoy adding their own unique touches to their workspace environments.

For any inquiries get a hold of us here

Or send us a note at hello@warwickandwillow.com